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We provide ship-owners and traders with competitively priced freight and a world-class shipping service. 

We run a time charter fleet of about 35 modern bulk carriers, each with modern cranes and grabs, to transport cargo for customers, ranging from agricultural trading houses to industrial end-users. 

To meet your shipping demands and contractual needs, wherever they may be, we combine our worldwide portfolio of time-chartered vessels with access to spot chartered tonnage. 


ED&F Man Shipping - a ship with cranes in dock

Transporting cargoes

We transport around 10 million tonnes of dry cargo around the world each year primarily in handymax and supramax bulk carriers. 

As one of the world’s largest soft commodities traders, we’re the best-equipped company to ship agricultural products such as grains, sugar and fertilisers. 

We also ship industrial cargoes such as:

  • cement
  • coal
  • salt
  • iron ore 
  • alumina (aluminium oxide)
  • manganese ore
  • petcoke
  • steel products
Ship with cranes transporting cargoes through the sea

Why we stand out

We offer a full shipping service

We’re more than traders – when we commit to ship a cargo, we see the deal through from the opening conversation to the end of the voyage. 

We’re known for our long-term relationships

As a trading company, we’ve been involved in shipping since 1783, and we’ve had a stand-alone shipping business since 1983. This deep experience means we know what we need to do to exceed our client’s expectations, and we can deliver the best possible service. 

We manage risk

There’s a huge amount of risk in the shipping world. But our customers know we’re a reliable partner – and we’ll do everything we can, such as using freight and fuel derivatives, to minimise all risks. Plus, as part of a large, global organisation, we can react to volatile markets quicker than many of our competitors. 


ED&F Man Shipping - loading a cargo ship in Vancouver

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To reach individual traders go to manshipping.co.uk.

To see where our vessels are, visit our position list.








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Head of shipping

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