HeartGift Louisiana helps children with heart conditions from countries without access to life-saving facilities, by bringing them to the Children's Hospital of New Orleans for surgery.

Doctors donate their services for free and hospitals discount all the costs, but it is still an expensive undertaking – each child's treatment costs around $25,000. Since becoming involved with HeartGift, we’ve raised around $400,000 and helped save the lives of 15 children.


Giving children a future

So far we’ve helped Katherine, Zoe, Elisabeth, Hanzell, Maria Alejandra, Ylle, Angelina, Andoy, Carmen, Kervenson and Jeffsy.

Katherine, the first ED&F Man-sponsored child, was flown in from El Salvador for life-saving surgery in 2010.

Jeffsy, a seven-year-old from the Philippines, arrived in New Orleans with his mother, Delma, in 2015. He needed life-saving surgery for a congenital heart disease, Tetralogy of Fallot. We have had sugar and molasses operations in the Philippines for many years, so were pleased to sponsor Jeffsy. Helping a child from the Philippines means we can support the communities in which we do business.