With 70 per cent of the country living in poverty, school is still a luxury for many children in Guatemala, but we’re working to help them get a decent education.

San Pedro la Laguna school
San Pedro’s school kitchen didn't have any equipment to prepare food, and was so run-down it was hard to keep clean. Over two months, our team built a new kitchen where children could eat healthy meals in hygienic surroundings. The new facilities will help children concentrate and learn for generations to come. Parents, teachers and children are delighted with the results.

La Montañita nursery
The school needed a wall, a roof and major improvements to its kitchen and bathrooms.
The kitchen needed hygienic cooking and storage areas. Parents were keen to transform the kitchen into a modern, healthy area to prepare food. We also built a perimeter wall for security and a patio roof to keep out the sun and rain.