Non-feed uses for molasses

We offer molasses to produce monosodium glutamate, rum, industrial-grade alcohol, citric acid and yeast.

We blend molasses products with minerals and trace elements to stimulate plant-growth, improve soil quality and create high performance, cost-effective fertilisers.

Molasses is an excellent binder: viscose, safe to use and environmentally friendly, you can use it to bind a range of materials, including steel, glass and carbon.

We supply molasses and vegetable oils to the European bio-energy and biofuel markets as a source of renewable energy. 

You can use molasses as a biological way to break down soil, treat wastewater and remove pollutants from contaminated materials (bioremediation). Molasses encourages microbes to grow and speeds up the process in an environmentally sustainable way.

The construction industry uses molasses to improve the quality of, and delay the setting of, concrete.