Raissa Silva – Research Specialist - ED&F Man employee, Sao Paulo

Raissa, Sao Paulo

Research Specialist

What does your day-to-day job involve?

The days are very busy here. I’m part of a global, multicultural research team that gathers, discusses, interprets and reports on factors affecting the sugar trading market. There is never a dull moment, that’s for sure! 

Information is critical to a trading company’s success and my role is to bring it to our global team in a clear, fast and effective way. As well as routine activities - such as keeping track of prices, crop evolution, weather and export data - new projects and demands come in every day.  

Other commodities markets and domestic policies also have a bearing on Brazilian sugar production, and there are always several things going on at the same time….macroeconomics, gasoline and ethanol markets, logistic constraints, internal demand and price correlation. I need to assimilate all these market dynamics, understand how they affect the main origin and destination countries for sugar, and get that information to my internal audience quickly.  

When you work with Brazil, the world’s biggest sugar producer and exporter, every small change has a big impact on the world market. Research is a vital role that influences our daily trade decisions. That is what makes the job so challenging and fascinating! 


Why work for ED&F Man?

If you like working in an exciting, fast paced environment where you can make a difference, then ED&F Man is for you. You get to do a lot, learn a lot and develop many new skills. The company encourages you to be entrepreneurial and to take on responsibility. You also have the support of a strong and committed team, all aligned with shared ideas and goals. There is great team spirit here, which makes you want to contribute.


How would you describe ED&F Man’s culture?

Our culture is very focused on results and working together as a team to achieve success. Ours is a lean team, which gives us autonomy and a sense of ownership. The atmosphere is very good and you feel there is a lot of trust in you and the work you do. 


What advice would you give to someone who would like to work for ED&F Man?

Be prepared to learn a lot, work hard and be creative. There is a world of opportunity if you are proactive, seek new goals and add value to the organization.

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