Laurianne Wilson, ED&F Man employee, London

Laurianne, London

Senior Sugar Trader

What does your day-to-day job involve?

My days are extremely varied. One day, I may buy sugar for export from a French beet factory, the next day I will sell a cargo of raw sugar to a European refinery and hedge that sale on the New York Stock Exchange. The next day, I may sell a truck of white sugar in 50kgs bags to a small local juice producer in Romania. Each day, I need to manage, consolidate and match our entire EU book of purchases and sales – a fascinating puzzle and a challenge, but extremely rewarding when achieved.

Why work for ED&F Man?

Working in ED&F Man has never been boring; every year, the market has a different dynamic that we need to thoroughly analyse to build our strategy on. We always need to be creative and bring new business ideas to the desk. Every year brings a different challenge.

How would you describe ED&F Man’s culture?

Our culture has always been to work hard, take initiative, and show interest – it will take you far. Moreover, our business is so global that we work with a huge number of nationalities and cultures; it’s fascinating. Each team is so cosmopolitan that it opens your own horizon of life.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to work for ED&F Man?

Be enthusiastic, be proactive, be willing to learn, have the right attitude and people will teach you the ins and outs of our industry.

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